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Amazon Customer Reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars)


5-Star“Wow. Brilliant. Buy it!” by Marcus Chacos (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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Wow, this book was brilliant. As the author says, he is not reinventing the wheel, or even improving it, he is taking an already existing model, one that works perfectly, and putting it on another vehicle… and he does it well. Very well.

Matthew Good takes the renowned best-seller “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz and places it in the context of weight loss, specialising that context making it more relevant, more usable, more effective and more powerful.

Get this book. Buy it now… and you’ll never look back!

5-Star“Much needed weight loss tool” by Noelle, RDLDN (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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A great book about what it takes to not only lose weight but also how to make the necessary lifestyle changes that will enable you to keep the weight off. The author writes so personally and candidly it feels as if he is talking directly to you, taking an active interest in your personal weight loss journey. As a Registered Dietitian I will definitely be recommending this book to clients and friends.

5-Star“Superior Weight-Loss Strategies – Start Here!” by Jeff (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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OK…I admit it…I have never been one to diet or even propose dieting because I have never had that much discipline. But here I am ‘a little older and a little wider’ and for some reason this books title appealed to me so I bought it. And I am so glad I did. The author is a genius! He sets the stage for losing weight from the introduction and continues to explain in detail what’s going on and how your mind (and body) are processing thoughts, that in turn, directs you toward (or away from) the right path of weight loss. I can’t repeat everything I read and I am still processing; but, I had to write a review because for the first time, this book is encouraging, it speaks to my analytical brain, and I believe I can actually get my weight (and width) under better control. The illustrations are quite enlightening as they highlight the statements with clarity to me…or stated another way, the illustrations bring life to the words to help me understand with added clarity the reasons I think how I think about weight loss.

But be forewarned, I see straight-forward truth being spoken and he doesn’t sugar-coat the reality…if you are overly sensitive, there are statements that could cause sensitivity issues with you about your weight. Don’t be offended – be thankful someone would tell the truth, be an overall encourager, and have the fortitude to help get us on our path to good health.

This book will be my weight loss reference book because I believe in it’s message…and the author certainly has the experience to teach me a thing or two about the successful process of weight control. Thank you for writing this book in such a way it holds my attention and I felt it was written just for me.

5-Star“Finally a book that helped!” by Texter35 (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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I have read a lot of books on weight loss but they never helped me lose any weight. After I read this book I was finally able to lose my unwanted pounds. I’m definitely recommending it to my friends!
-M, Texter

5-Star“Psycho-Cybernetics Applied to Weight Loss” by Ellis Toussier (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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If you have not read “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz, you should… it is not a pre-requisite for you to understand the great message in THIS book, but you will know what this book is based on.

The author of this book, Matthew Good, has certainly read it, and he applies everything that Maltz shows us how to do it in Psycho-Cybernetics to weight loss.

Assuming that you have NOT read Psycho-Cybernetics, I will tell you briefly that according to Maltz, and accepted as correct by Matthew Good, you have to change your inner image of yourself… in other words, if you are fat, it is because it is partly, or mostly, all in your mind… And if YOU think that YOU should be FAT, then you cannot lose weight until you change that inner image in your mind, to accept that YOU CAN BE THIN.

If you think your nose is ugly, and a plastic surgeon makes you happy with your nose, suddenly everything else changes too, and you dare to be loved by that woman or man that you didn’t think might be attracted to you… You dare to become a very successful salesman or saleswoman…

It wasn’t your nose that was holding you back… it was what YOU thought of your nose.

The same with being fat, and not being able to lose weight. You are afraid to lose weight. In your mind, you think you have always been fat, and that is how you have to be. That is a mistake, and that is what Matthew Good will teach you to fix in this book.

It is not your typical weight loss book. It is a psychology-of-weight-loss book. In other words, you have to erase that image of a fat you that is in your mind… that you are fat, that you have to be fat… and replace it with an image of yourself that you can live with, that people will also accept you and loved you if you are thin.

If you are fat and you want to lose weight, buy this book before you start on a diet and exercise routine… This is not a diet and exercise routine… But it will help you make a correct diet and exercise routine successful for you, so you don’t abandon it because it is working!

5-Star“Excellent read, definitely enlightening” by Michael Yatsco (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Matt’s book and would highly recommend it to anyone that struggles with mentally preparing themselves to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. Matt takes you on a psychological journey that helps you train yourself to keep moving forward with achieving your fitness goals. His process for overcoming the obstacles in this journey made complete sense and was truly an eye opener. Don’t hesitate to read this book if you feel that you constantly convince yourself that your goals can’t be achieved. It’s all in our heads and through practice, we can overcome anything!

5-Star“Thinking about weight loss explained” by Faith (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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Matthew Good presents a refreshing and challenging viewpoint on weight loss. With authority and experience, he writes about his challenges and how he overcame them so that he was able to lose over 100 pounds. With more than a decade at this lower weight, this is certainly an accomplishment to be applauded.

In addition, Matthew helps you understand the psychology of how our brains process and train us to believe truths and lies about ourselves. It is a great read in the area of personal development and how to apply it for achieving personal goals, especially in the area of weight loss. With proven methods for helping to retrain your mind, he walks you through how to do this so you can be successful with losing weight.

Be advised that this is not a book that tells you what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. Instead, it focuses on how you think about food and how to retrain your thinking and beliefs about food.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your state of mind and how and what you believe about yourself.

5-Star“A Necessary Resource for Weight Loss!” by Anonymous (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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Zero Resistance Weight Loss is an excellent resource for understanding the mental and emotional component that is an obstacle for so many in obtaining and maintaining their weight loss goals. There are lots of sources out there on weight loss, but none that addresses the mental/emotional aspect so well as this one does. For me, this is the piece that was missing and I now feel better equipped to successfully meet my goal of weight loss.

The information in the book is delivered in a way that is easy to understand and the author provides excellent examples to show application of the concepts he is presenting.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with weight loss in the past or is just starting their weight loss journey.

5-Star“The Psycho-Cybernetics Of Weight Loss” by David M Nordmark (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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One of the most ground breaking books in the area of personal development (which I’ve read and highly recommend, btw) is Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. Any self-help/motivational speaker you can think of owes a great debt to this man and his groundbreaking work. What Mr. Good has done is apply Psycho-Cybernetic principles to the goal of achieving real, long term weight loss. This is not a traditional diet book. You will find little in the way counting calories or lists of approved and banned foods here. Instead what you will find are proven methods to re-program your mind so that it is possible to lose weight. The difference between having a mind that is properly programmed as compared to one that isn’t is the difference between a ship with the wind in its sails vs one going against a powerful current. I am convinced that if you follow the authors advice you too will lose weight. Once that goal is accomplished you could even use the principles outlined here to achieve other goals you might have. As a bonus the author even includes a method of contacting him personally with any questions you might have. If you want to lose weight for real this is a great place to start.

5-Star“nuts & bolts of weight loss made simple” by Andrea Lane (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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This book has been very helpful. It is easy to read and follow…very useful tools for weight loss. I am more impressed with the author’s process when I know he went through the psychological and physical changes of losing a lot of weight and keeping it off himself.


“Nice” by immichou (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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Still reading, but so far I like it. Will write more when I am done reading the whole book. Enjoy.

5-Star“Amazing” by Brooklyn P (Format: Paperback | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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I recently read this book and LOVED it! Not only is it packed with wonderful information, but it is extremely motivational and inspirational as well. I highly recommend this book.

5-Star“Zero Resistance, Mind Altering” by Brenda Golec (Format: Paperback | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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If you’re looking for a motivational book that teaches you how to change your thoughts, perceptions and poor self image prior to and during the weight loss process, this is for you. Instead of just giving someone diet pills or endless meal plan options, this book gives the reader the tools to change how they think about dieting and weight loss. The author shares his own experiences, as well as a multitude of other easy to comprehend and relate to ones, that help you understand his theories and physically feel compelled to change. I’ll be following his advice and expertise to hopefully lose weight the right way.

4-Star“Different Take on Weight Loss – Refreshing” by Affiliate Please (Format: Paperback | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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I’d be lying if I said this book wasn’t close to 5-star perfect, but with so many people thinking they are a writer these days it’s hard for me to be easy on these guys.

Look, I’ve read A LOT of weight loss books in the recent past and this guy actually has a realistic answer to losing weight and keeping it off. After the first two chapters I knew that he knew what he was talking about and only because I have been reading so many “get fit” books lately. I read “Psycho-Cybernetics” years ago and I vaguely remember the book but I do remember that when I did read it, it made sense. So, it’s know surprise that when I read this book it made sense to me as well.
My only beef with the book? Not enough meat and potatoes (no pun intended) inside about actual workout routines and meal plans. I do understand that the book was meant to be about mindset but it would’ve been nice to have a little content on real-life diets and workout routines.
Like I said, I’m tough on these guys but overall I have to recommend this book.

5-Star“Excellent approach” by Grace (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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This is the first book regarding weight loss that focuses on how I think. Other books discuss what you should and should not eat. It’s always about the diet. I love that the author speaks from his heart because he’s been through the diet thing many times only to fail in the end. Finally, I found a book that I can relate to. It’s all about your state of mind and how you feel about yourself. Brilliant!

5-Star“I was really impressed” by JJulian (Format: Paperback | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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I have been struggling with weight myself and there’s all these fad diets out there. And you see all these fake results basically being photo shopped or these crazy diets that no one can really live up to. I learned alot and hope to use this book to continue my journey. A really great read I gained alot of knowledge i will keep with me I will also recommend this book to family and friends. Thank you!!!

5-Star“very motivating” by Alexis (Format: Paperback | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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Very inspiring towards those who need pushed and need that extra motivation! Anyone whose having a hard time with committing to exercising and their eating habits should commit to this book. AWESOME!

5-Star“advice from someone who has been there” by Amy M (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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finally someone who addresses the fact that changing your mind, is just as important as changing your habits when being healthy is your ultimate goal.

5-Star“Good read” by mountpleasure (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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Straight thinking, easy to read. Will power required. Has me thinking differently about how to loose weight. Now get on yer bike.

5-Star“A WELL WRITTEN BOOK” by tony (Format: Paperback | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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The author gives you all the information that you need to get your diet going and keeping you on track.

5-Star“Marisa M” by Marge (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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This book was very inspiring and helped me see great ways to lose weight. It is a very inspiring book and reccommend it to anyone looking to lose weight! I hope to read many more books by Matthew Good because he is an amazing writer.
Thank You!
Marisa M.

5-Star“great!” by George Rearick (Format: Kindle Edition | Amazon Verified Purchase)

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this is George Rearick and I’m in a nutrition class. I think it’s
great you have this book to help others lose weight.

What’s the Catch?

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Zero Resistance Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight Naturally and Fast

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